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Homepage of the Northeast Music Informatics Special Interest Group

NEMISIG (North East Music Information Special Interest Group) is a yearly informal meeting for Music Information Retrieval researchers who work at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, and music.

For those familiar with the International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), NEMISIG often serves as a mini-conference to informally discuss research progress a few months in advance of the submission deadline.

Recent incarnations of NEMISIG have also featured an open “NEMIJam session,” since we’re in it for the music, after all.

Upcoming Workshop

Past Workshops

NEMISIG gathers researchers from the Northeastern United States and has previously been hosted at a number of locations in the past:

Keen to help host a NEMISIG?

The workshop usually draws around 50 individuals and is meant to be completely free, with costs subsidized through University budgets, industry sponsorhip, or (ideally) both. The workshop is traditionally held at the end of January / beginning of February, and organization is usually discussed in October / November.

Get in touch!

NEMISIG maintains a lightly trafficked mailing list, which you can view / join here.